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I created this channel when I starting making music back in 2006, since then it has evolved the same way my interests have and the content varies from music videos to cars, rap battles and interviews.


6:20Inside the bag // UBER eats rider
Inside the bag // UBER eats ridervisningar 162tn3 månader sedan
3:34Shazaam - ÅrsRAPport 2020 (Swedish rap) Musikvideo
18:49Ricer VS Police V90, XC70's, Transporters and more
6:36 Mobility Scooter @ The Highway (Turn on subtitles!)
12:49Stockholm by night in a CLS63 AMG
Stockholm by night in a CLS63 AMGvisningar 1,3mn10 månader sedan
1:44700hp Godzilla GT-R - 300 kmh Stockholm
8:24Fudlink [Interview] BMW M5 Driver
Fudlink [Interview] BMW M5 Drivervisningar 806tnÅr sedan
2:25Shazaam - ÅrsRAPport 2019 (Swedish rap)
49:56765 (Graffiti documentary)
765 (Graffiti documentary)visningar 27tn2 år sedan
1:27Henry Bowers vs Shazaam 1 miljon views!!


  • Car sounds like shit should get it serviced

  • defo need one of those shirts

  • Does anybody know which exhaust system that is? Is it the stock M Performance Exhaust?

  • Great Video, Subtitles save the evening. Thanks from Germany.

  • They probably won't bother as they got his license plate number, lots of video evidence and a few weeks later, this guy will not be on the roads anymore.

    • @Critical Ok, so not running plates or using stolen ones, big brain move there. I got my plates stolen once and would fucking love to get the cops at my door for catching someone driving recklessly on my number. But hey! I used to think driving like this was the dream, when I was 10... or if it is in nfs mw. It seems pretty ridiculous to me that "someones fun" triumphs the safety of others, even though this is done at the night with little traffic. I really do love cars and to see skilled drivers, but only if it is done in safe conditions on, i.e closed roads/events and tracks. Looks like i'm a stray "Karen" here looking, at the comments, so i guess I thats all I had to say.

    • That old license plate comment still running. Peep the interviews and find out

  • 7:55 that shit was close

  • *Low mileage* *Old lady owner* *Never driven hard* *Kept in a garage*

  • What The fuck mannnn🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • Torska du eller kom du undan?

    • @Critical torska dem* eller kom de undan?

    • Vadå du

  • Roads in Stockholm look fucking awful. I was there about 6 years ago and there were roadworks everywhere then too. The city is in a constant state of permanent roadworks. Does nothing ever get done in Sweden?!

  • In our country we call such people idiots

  • Not bad....rs6. Ballys. =cash

  • Lmao the dude with the sandwich. Nice driving bro that audi is fast.

  • Good job man thanks

  • Rs4 vs flic = aucune chance pour les flic le rs4 je le sur kiffe .


  • så fkn hög kvalle på era videos sjukt

  • Always respect the police officer in person. They are the ones who puts their life on the line at all times if your life is at risk any time...

  • What a lovely sound

  • He was driving an Insignia with 176hp imagine if he had 300+ he would have gotten away for sure

  • почему нет субтитров?

  • на 7:32 у тебя прямой участок свободный и ты на 140 решаешь прыгнуть в щель, которая уже твоего корпуса??? это даже не ошибка в вождении... жаль, круто шел!

  • 4:09 "Shit's bussin' respectfully"

  • i dont buy this whole story. Uber would not sign a contract with a unregistered bike. I drove for uber 2 years ago, you must prove ownership or rent of the vehicle with a lot of papework.

  • no happy end? :'(

  • Mercedes vs Volvo hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Good job man thanks

  • I love sound of the v8 amg

  • love the video but the city drift ruined the whole coolness those pedestrians aren't bots in a game

  • Ahhh he did so well

  • should have taken the RS4

  • 19:26🎶😱 the song of this Amg moteur us amazing 😱

  • That 6.2 V8 is pure music. The perfect soundtrack 😍🔥

  • When the video started, I would’ve bet good $ this guys was driving a 1970 something VW Beatle.

  • 11:21 🥶😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😍

  • automated traffic lights work good in sweden

  • Transit van: haha i've got you now C63 driver: I feel bad honestly.

  • Insane but in the Netherlands they will chase you with 250 km/h and then ram you of the road sadly enough

  • F

  • This guy literally plays need for speed irl not on pc or console, EA Games better watch out, this guy owns his own game like a boss

  • 😂😂😂

  • Yummy yummy in your tummy i can’t 😂😂😂

  • In america theyd catch up to you with their TT taurus sho's or charger scatpacks and destroy your car

  • I remember in 2009 I took chase from a Volvo V70 in the U.K. they are fast cars. I was at the end of a long road and it caught me up in seconds.

  • Are you in the jail?

  • he dont know how to drive for critical nooooh poor m3

  • This is why you drive safely & follow the law kids

  • Can anyone translate what the text on the dashboard said during the crash?

  • Sounds like a huracan

  • I’m surprised the v10 didn’t take a hole shit on the driver he was banging on rev limiter a little to much

  • what did you whant to do ,they drive a suitcases!!

  • what bmw model is?pls tell me

  • Fuckin gangster wannabes love to knock the shit out of that lad in pass seat what the fuck is he sayin my man's for I got embarrassed for him

    • Did you have a stroke while typing a comment?

  • I mean everyone makes the rod bearing jokes yet almost 10+ years later I always see videos on these...

  • I feel like the cops already know and are like don't care lol.

  • The IR on the helicopter is amazing.

  • Isn’t that a V70? the British police use these Volvos.

  • GTA5是美國洛聖 又轉到英國去 WTF?

  • About got hit to good job

  • So they break the law delivering food

  • Das würde niemals auf ner deutschen Autobahn passieren weil überall Baustellen sind

  • snorunge =P

  • Those bug eyes be very easy to point out in a line up.

  • what is country ?

  • Asså ni är så jävla töntiga, för de första är poliser bara människor och därför är det omöjligt att förvänta sig att dem är felfria och framförallt bara för att det finns ett kryphål i lagen innebär inte att man borde utnyttja det. alla människor måste väl ändå tänka själva och då borde man komma fram till att man inte ska köra runt i en falsk polisbil.

  • Been a while since there was a new getaway in Stockholm 😂

  • it’s Need for speed in real life

  • Lol Microsoft tech support we all know what that means that man a scammer by trade

  • i like how casually he is changing his music while getting chased

  • Never heard a car that sounded so much like a pissed off dinosaur from Jurassic Park

  • Well deserved actually

  • 1:37

  • 1:40 best part

  • Thats pity, even a e60 M5 cannot run away from helicopter because it runs out of fuel and tires faster than that helicopter :D

  • I'm thinking France with the baguette 😂

  • where is this it's defo not the UK or America

  • GTA Göteborg. Better version of GTA!!

  • What about plates tho?

  • He was slapping the shit out of that rev limiter.